DGLN Board newly elected

The German Society for CSF Diagnostics and Clinical Neurochemistry (DGLN, https://www.dgln.de), associated society of the German Society of Neurology (DGN), has elected a new board of directors according to rotation at its annual meeting on May 5-6, 2023, in Dresden.

The new board members are: Prof. Dr. med. Brigitte Wildemann (1st chairperson, Heidelberg), Prof. Dr. med. Herwig Strik (2nd chairperson, Bamberg), Prof. Dr. med. Michael Khalil (secretary, Graz), Prof. Dr. med. Jan Lewerenz (treasurer, Ulm). The managing director of the DGLN e.V. is Prof. Dr. med. Hayrettin Tumani (Ulm).

The new board would like to thank Dr. rer. nat. Catharina C. Groß for her excellent work as past chairperson (2021-2023).

The DGLN e.V. is a professional society that aims to represent, support and further develop the laboratory medical specialties of CSF diagnostics and clinical neurochemistry in an appropriate and targeted manner. In accordance with this objective, active experts from the CSF-analyzing disciplines are involved in the DGLN in the preparation of the S1 guideline “Lumbar puncture and CSF diagnostics (https://www.dgln.de/leitlinien) and the methods-catalogue (https://www.dgln.de/methodenkatalog) for significant laboratory parameters in neurological and psychiatric diagnostics. Other goals of the newly elected board include the organization of multicenter projects such as biomarkers in long/post- COVID syndrome, creation of a CSF database, and focus on young scientists (Young CSF-researcher).

In addition, the DGLN offers academics from biochemistry, biology, chemistry and medicine in CSF laboratories the opportunity to acquire the specialist certificate “CSF diagnostics and clinical neurochemistry”. For clinically active colleagues the certificate “CSF diagnostics clinical part” is offered. More information about the acquisition of these qualifications can be found on the homepage of the DGLN: https://www.dgln.de/zertifikate-der-dgln.