BioMS Centre:

Country: the Netherlands

City: Amsterdam

Institution: Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc



PI/Co-PI:  Charlotte E. Teunissen, professor Neurochemistry, Joep Killestein, professor Neurology,

Team members (name, position and contact e-mail):

Sjors in ‘t Veld, researcher/post-Doc,

Zoë Y.G. van Lierop, researcher MD,

Eline M.E. Coerver, researcher MD,

Floor C. Loonstra, researcher MD,

Mark H.J. Wessels, researcher MD,

The MS Center Amsterdam is a multidisciplinary center within Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc in which more than 100 researchers from different disciplines cooperate. Our mission is to give people with MS a normal daily life without being limited by their disease. The combination of fundamental, applied and clinical research gives us the possibility to quickly apply results into the care for people with MS. The center has an excellent international reputation and is one of the top three MS research centers in the world.
The neurochemistry lab Amsterdam UMC aims to improve care of patients with neurological diseases using body fluid biomarkers. Studies of the research group span the entire spectrum of biomarker development, starting with biomarker identification, followed by assay development and clinical validation, and implementation in clinical practice.