BioMS Centre:

Country: Italy

City: Pavia

Institution: IRCCS Mondino Foundation


PI/Co-PI:  Matteo Gastaldi

Team members (name, position and contact e-mail):

Elisabetta Zardini, Co-Head of the diagnostic Neuroimmunology Lab (

Silvia Scaranzin, Neurobiologist (

Chiara Morandi, Neurobiologist (

Stefano Masciocchi, Neurologist, PhD Student (

Biomarker research interest:

Our group is dedicated to the study of antibody-mediated disorders of the central and peryhperal nervous system, with a specific interest for conformational antibodies. Our main research lines inlcude:

  • Standardization of laboratory assays for the detection of neuroglial antibodies
  • Investigation of neuronal antibody-associated disorders, with a specific focus on autoimmune encephalitis, and the relevance of wide neuronal antibody screening in patients with psychotic disorders
  • Investigation of prognostic biomarkers in MOG and AQP4 mediated disorders
  • Investigation of patient-derived MOG-IgG monoclonal antibodies on animal models
  • Identification of conformational neuroglial antibodies in MS patients and in other demyelinating disorders
  • Investigation of the relevance of paranodal antibodies in inflammatory neurpathies