BioMS Centre:

Country: Hungary

City: Szeged

Institution: Department of Neurology, University of Szeged and ELKH-SZTE Neurosicence Research Group



PI/Co-PI:  Professor László Vécsei (e-mail:

Team members (name, position and contact e-mail):

Cecilia Rajda MD. PhD. Associate Professor of Neurology

Nikolett Nánási Ph.D.

Helga Polyák Ph.D. student (in close collaboration with analytical chemists)

1. The role of kynurenines, neurofilaments and other molecular biomarkers in MS.

2. The effects of kynurenic acid analogues on production of tumor necrosis factor-alpha, calgranulins and the secretion of HNP1-3 etc (whole blood cultures of patients with MS)

3. Biomarkers of the cuprizone model of MS.

(see publications in PUBMED; Vecsei L)