To promote collaborative research, provide guidelines and standards for body fluid biomarker research leading to well validated assays for the diagnosis, prediction and monitoring of disease outcomes and treatment efficacy in the field of multiple sclerosis and related disorders within Europe and worldwide.


To be the leading European network of researchers in the field of body fluid biomarkers in multiple sclerosis and related disorders.


Biomarkers in body fluids offer additional insight into multiple sclerosis (MS) pathogenesis, disease characteristics of different MS phenotypes, and monitoring treatment responses. Over the last decades we have witnessed an evolution from smaller single center studies on primarily cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) biomarkers to larger multicenter collaborations also involving blood-based biomarkers, with clear implications for changing clinical practices and improving treatment outcomes. Excellence in future MS biomarker research, but also rarer neuroinflammatory disorders, requires efforts to collaborate even more closely in the future. To this end leading European research groups in MS and related disorders have formed the BioMS-network to serve as a platform for collaboration and optimization of soluble biomarker research.